Deigmology is a blog featuring various case studies of examples (which henceforth shall be known as “Deigma” on this site) from around the world.

At the moment this mostly means case studies for my AS-Level geography. However, I am willing to accept suggestions from other people on what to add. Additionally, if you believe I have gotten a fact incorrect, you are welcome to send me a message, hopefully with a properly amended figure/statement.

I am not going to be annoyed about someone giving me a well meaning correction, and so long as this doesn’t devolve into continually amending the same comments, you are very welcome to correct me on almost anything here.

At this moment deigma will be based on the themes of my AS-Level:

Under physical Geography:

  • Rivers
  • Cold Environments (Including previously cold environments)
  • Coasts

Under human Geography:

  • Tourism
  • Urban Environments
  • Energy