So Whose President Is Trump?

I just thought I’d get a certain set of things off my chest here. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve touched on this. I have seen plenty of analyses of which demographics voted most for each candidate, but none for which demographics will be most hit by his views.

So, welcome to my Inauguration special, I guess. It’s probably the only thing that’s welcome to most of those of you in the US today, in all honesty. If you want a distraction from the horror that is currently starting to unfold in the white house, you can have this, deliberately scheduled for that purpose. You can also have my complete lack of impartiality for a day, which is a rare thing on here.

Here is a list of people that Trump has been referenced as prejudiced against (and why) along with percentages of the population that are of that group:

  • Women as a whole, 157 million women, 50.8%
  • People of Mexican descent/ Mexican-Americans, 35.8 million people, 11.1%
  • People of African descent/ African-Americans, 13.2% of the population
  • People of Chinese descent/ Chinese-Americans/Asian-Americans, 19.4 million, 6.1%
  • People of Native American descent/Native Americans/ Native Hawaiians/ Native Alaskans. I know I am extrapolating from his actions and attitudes towards democrat senator Elizabeth Warren. I believe this is fair, especially when he mocked the very concept of Native American naming systems. (Not to mention that much of the US white perception is entirely wrong, based on baby naming sites which take random words, assign a random tribe or don’t even bother with that, and pretend they have an entirely different, and altogether just too long meaning.) 1.485% + 0.889% + 0.03% = 2.404%
  • Military veterans, 7.3%
  • Sexual assault victims, 17.7 million, 5.55%
  • LGBT people, Estimates say that there are 1.4 million transgender people in the US and that 25.6 million Americans experience at least some same sex attraction. In eyes of black and white, like Mr Trump’s, that would mean 25.6 million are lesbian or gay. 1.8% actually identify themselves as bisexual and 1.7% as lesbian or gay, so I will use these numbers, even if they are not the view of the US president, in all likelihood. This means 0.439% + 1.8% + 1.7% = 3.94%
  • The Poor. I don’t think I need to cite anything for this. It’s a proven thing that the very rich in the USofA have vested interest in maintaining their extremely unequal levels of wealth. Taxes will lower for the very rich. While there could be programs to maintain schemes such as Obamacare to help the very poorest afford healthcare, instead that money will either not be raised or will be spent building borders with a country which generates a substantial proportion of the USA’s wealth indirectly. The average health care bill for the most severe illnesses in the US is US$116,000, which as an annual earning would put you in the richest 1% of the US population. Only the richest 1% can afford to get sick with conditions like cancer in the USA. I’m not saying Hillary would have helped that, but she would have hurt it less. If we multiply the incidence rates of cancer annually (as a generic expensive healthcare bill) against those too poor to pay it we get against the four years of his term: 454.8 per 100,000 contract cancer annually, which is 0.4548%. Bearing in mind this is people which government policy is essentially massacring, and if any other organisation were doing it, it would be called genocide. 0.4548% x 99% x 4 = 0.018%
  • Illegal Immigrants. According to Trump himself, this is 11 million people. Let’s assume that none of these people are the most common source of illegal immigrants- people who stay a few nights over their papers and then leave. 3.45%
  •  Muslims. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that governments in the west who drum up terrorism as a serious threat to world security when it’s statistically de minimus to be killed in a terrorist attack (De Minimus is essentially the point where something is such a low chance of occurring even with its severity born in mind that it’s not even worth a slight thought toward), are willing to claim that an entire religion with only a vague connection are responsible. 3.3 million US Muslims, 1.03%
  • Disabled people. In countries with average lifespan over 70, most people can expect to spend 11.5% of their lifespan physically disabled. Meanwhile 26.2% have a mental illness in any given year. About 6% bear most of the weight of mental illness. Let’s take an average for this and let’s take this to assume that the average number of people who are disabled in any given year is 27.6%
  • My personal favourite, by which I mean, the one which sounds stupidest (and they all sound stupid, because they are): the population of Iowa. 0.97%
  • Anyone else that Trump has announced he hates since I scheduled this post.

I am not (separately) counting groups who get to choose the paths which got them attacked, however, this includes:

  • Many journalists
  • Barak Obama
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Marco Rubio
  • Hillary Clinton
  • People who support the use of vaccines (yes, that nonsense about how vaccines give people autism has now reached the presidential level). I am also aware that this should include anyone who has any knowledge of autism OR vaccines OR has ever been to a doctor in their lives, which should be a lot of people.

People Trump likes:

  • Women who don’t call him out on sexual harassment
  • His daughter, if she weren’t his daughter, in a sexual manner
  • Evangelical Christians (and not even many of them as most religious texts are about tolerance in all major religions and he definitely does not fit with that)
  • People whose education reaches no higher than a high school degree
  • People in very rural areas

Now for some maths!

The US population is 318.9 million people. First we need to work out what percentage are not effected by each of Trump’s prejudices. Then times that by the US population. That should be the total number of votes he received, if everyone was vaguely logical (and old enough to vote). I am making the assumption that unrelated groups are evenly spread, which is quite a large assumption  (eg the same proportion of women and men are gay).

Here is the list of percentages which are not part of any of the listed groups:

50.8%-> 49.2%, [11.1%, 13.2%, 6.1%, 2.404%, -> 67.2%] 7.3% -> 94.7%, 5.55%-> 94.45%, 3.94%-> 96.06% , 0.018%-> 99.982% , 3.45% -> 96.5% , 1.03% -> 98.97, 27.6% -> 72.4%, 0.97% -> 99.03%.

If maths makes your brain hurt, you can scroll past this to the arrow.

code: using a ~ means that I am rounding to the nearest person. I don’t think we should be cutting people in half for the sake of maths. “.” means that I am about to round. “;” means I don’t want to type that number again, please imagine I typed it out properly.

318,900,000 (318.9 million) x 0.492 (49.2%)= 156,898,800; x 0.672 = 105,435,993.6.

~105,435,994; x 0.947 = 99,847,886.318.

~99.847,886; x 0.9445 = 94,306,328.327.

~94,306,328; x  0.9606 = 90,590,658.6768.

~90,590,659; x 0.99982 = 90,574,352.358.

~90,574,352; x 0.965 = 87,404,249.68.

~87,404,250; x 0.9897 = 86,503,986.225.

~86,503,986; x 0.724 = 62,628,885.864.

~62,628,886; x 0.9903 = 62,021,385.8058.

62,021,385 people who Trump doesn’t hate.

Only 58% voted who had the right to, and only 75% of the US population is of voting age.

62,021,385 x 0.58 = 35,972,403.3.

~35,972,403; x 0.75 = 26,979,302.475.

-> 26,979,302 people who might have voted would not be actively targeted  by Trump being president. Trump won 61,900,651 votes in the popular vote.

This means that at least 34,921,349 people actively voted against their own interests. That’s more than the number who could have benefited from him being president who voted. 56.4% of all Trump votes make no sense.

The idea of democracy is that everyone votes for their own best interests. If a majority of people are, in a hypothetical society, wheat farmers, and they all vote selfishly for the party that proposes free school meals for the children of wheat farmers, then because of democracy, a majority of the population would benefit. If there’s a racist leader, and that’s clearly his main policy, and a majority of people aren’t racist, then the racist leader should never come into power. In the US, however, 10.95% of the entire population deliberately voted for an individual they knew would hurt 286,878,615 people’s civil freedoms (or they could have done if they opened up google’s calculator function and a search engine of their choice, or, alternatively, if they did not have access to that, which is entirely possible in such an unequal country, could have asked a friend to).


I’m not writing this to shame these people. The vast majority of Trump’s voters have poor education standards, and thus wouldn’t necessarily know how to manipulate the figures correctly. And it’s definitely not their fault that they were inevitably lied to along the line. I am writing this as an example of how important demographics are in showing how bad a seemingly democratically voted leader’s representation of a country can be when people in the system don’t exercise their right to vote in a sensible and considered manner, and why it is so important that we inform and educate people correctly.

2016 was a year where the most renowned democratic votes were full of lies and downright nonsense. If we don’t stop this immediately, people will end up voting their lives away to liars who have absolutely no empathy for anyone’s suffering. If we want to avoid another Hitler, another Mussolini, and another Stalin, we all need to seriously inform ourselves of the issues we mean to make people passionate about. Tyrants come into power when the people who have the power to say no don’t realise that they should, and in a democratic society, that is every single one of us. It is all of our duties to tell as many people as we reasonably can about the things about politicians’ views that really worry us, why they worry us, and above all, to make sure that we actually have some clue what we’re talking about. Because, let’s face it, if we all had a clue what we were doing and why, that 10.95% would not have voted Trump, and we would be looking towards the actual First Lady of the USofA today.


And my most important point: Good luck to the 90% (Well, technically, the 89.65%, but that’s not nearly so memorable). I’m sorry to say, you’ll need it.



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