For Anyone Who Wants a Distraction This Time Tomorrow…

…I have scheduled an analysis of demographics concerned in the President Elect’s campaign.

It will be up at 4:59 GMT tomorrow, or 1 minute before the actual inauguration starts, perfect timing for anyone who needs a distraction, and there will be plenty who do.

The post is very numbers heavy, as warning. That is still better than having to see the inauguration, I think, even for somewhat innumerate people.

I know this will be less depressing than watching the actual inauguration. And I will try not to shut up about the impacts the future president has over the next four years.


On an unrelated note, I have realised how few left wing based sources of information there actually are in the UK. As such I am not going to be afraid to voice my opinions on political issues within the English speaking world from now on, if it is within reason to do so.


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