Brazil- Investment in the World Cup

The FIFA world cup had a huge effect on Brazil’s tourist industry. It brought in R$57,217,000 in 24 different economic sectors. R$41,900,000 was direct and R$15,317,000 was indirect.

Investments (in Millions)

  • Media R$6,513
  • Stadiums R$4,624.45
  • Hotels R$3,163.93
  • Safety R$1,697.38
  • Reurbanisation R$2,837.3
  • Highways R$1,441.02
  • Airports R$1,213.74
  • IT R$309
  • Fan Parks R$203.85
  • Energy supply R$280.52

Manau is in the middle of the rainforest. Fan parks were set up aroudn the city to view matches and events.

According to FIPE the World Cup added US$7.6 x10^9 to the Brazilian economy. Brazil expected to have spentĀ US$4.1 x10^9, equivalent to a +0.5% change in the GDP.


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