Kenyan Tourism- Part II

Positives of tourism in Kenya

  • Conservation- tourists have influence the set up of various national parks
  • Employment opportunities
  • Improved infrastructure

Negatives of tourism in Kenya

  • Roads and plants are worn out or damaged by tourists
  • Much of the money earned is leaked out of the economy
  • The way of life for traditional people has been disturbed or outright destroyed, such as with the Endorois and Masai Mara for setting up the Serengeti National Park
  • Water issues as water is diverted for tourists, leaving locals short
  • Pollution

Serengeti National Park

This is the most popular national park in Africa, with lots of predators and animal migrations. Roads and tracks here have caused scarring. Water is channeled down scars and gullies from this which can increase erosion rates. Vehicles have had an impact on the landscape, and can impair animals’ survival chances. Vehicles produce noise pollution which disturbs wildlife.

Tourists need places to stay, eat and sleep so buildings have to be built, and should be built with very careful designs to cause minimal disturbance and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Rubbish disposal can be an issue in parks.

  • The profits are leaked out of the park
  • Foreign workers have been brought in
  • House prices rise when foreign investors buy property for hotels and holiday homes, so locals struggle to buy property
  • Local projects are sidelined for tourist developments



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