UK Population Changes

Birmingham has a population of 1.74 million. The aging society is living longer. Combined with immigration and the birth rate being higher than the death rate, the population is rising. This is typical of the UK as a whole:

  • 9.7 million more people in the next 25 years
  • 70 million in the whole population by 2027
  • 74.3 million by 2039
  • 51% of the increase is net migration and people living longer
  • By 2039, 1/12 of the population will be over 80
  • 370 pensions per 1,000 working age

This produces numerous pressures on the UK:

  • Education supply
  • Housing supply
  • Lack of maternity wards/ midwives (With a bigger impact in inner city areas where birth rates are higher)
  • Healthcare supply
  • Squeeze on school places

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