Birmingham and Urban Improvements

Segregation and deprivation

Lozells vs Sutton Four Oaks

Lozells (just outside the CBD of the city, in the Inner city):

  • Population 27,980
  • Minority ethnic groups 82.6%
  • Unemployment at 23.6%

Sutton Four Oaks (to the North of the city):

  • Population 21,690
  • Minority ethnic groups 4.9%
  • Unemployment at 3.7%

Bournville is a notable district as it is a suburb with high manufacturing rates due to the Cadbury’s factory.

10% of patients in some A&E wards have to wait more than 4 hours to see a doctor.

Big City Plan

  • 170 acres of Eastside as an “area of transformation”
  • 1.5 million m^2 of floorspace being built
  • 50,000 new jobs
  • Contributing £2.1 x 10^9 per year
  • Well connected to the CBD
  • 65,000 m^2 of space

In the Big City Plan there are 5 areas of change:

  • New Street Station (already developed)
  • Westside (retail)
  • Snow Hill District (Offices)
  • Eastside (Academy, Park, HS2)
  • Southern Gateway (Public space, including a public square)

There will also be civic spaces, pedestrian zones and canals included in the plans.

New Street Station (renovated September 2015)

  • 500 people worked overnight for the deadline
  • 5,500 people moving through each day

The line infrastructure has not improved. The station did not have to be closed off for the renovations.

Brindly Place

New Technology Institute

Birmingham Ormiston Academy

This is an example of a very high tech school, with the aim to improve education of people in the inner city.

Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The hospital was opened in 2010, costing £545 million to be built. The hospital treated Malala Yousafzai (the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, who campaigned for girls’ education in Pakistan, and got shot in the head for this, hence needing treatment)


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