Greenhouse Development

The Greenhouse project is part of the South Leeds urban regeneration scheme, and is 10 minutes’ walk away from Leeds’ city centre, and is also close to the main railway station and motorway network. A disused former industrial building i being redeveloped to form part of the first carbon-zero mixed-use development in the UK which produces more energy than it uses. The development will have 172 one to three bedroom eco-homes and offices, all set around a communal landscaped courtyard.

The scheme includes:

  • Shops and cafes
  • A medical centre
  • A nursery
  • Parks with children’s playgrounds
  • A sports centre with a swimming pool
  • A conference centre with a full range of business facilities
  • High-tech offices
  • Allotments where people can grow fruit and vegetables

Sustainable design

Energy generation

  • Ground-source heat pumps draw water from 80 m below the building and use heat-exchange technology to provide hot water, heating and air cooling
  • One large wind turbine provides electricity for every home, as well as for local businesses
  • Smaller rooftop wind turbines provide electricity for lighting corridors and open spaces
  • Rooftop solar panels will be used for hot water in each home.

Energy saving technology

  • A “super insulation” system will keep the homes warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Double-glazing units will reduce heat loss
  • Low-energy washing machines and appliances are provided in each home


  • A car club of vehicles powered by renewable energy is available for residents to use
  • “Green” cabs and buses using renewable energy are available for residents’ use
  • Every house will have bicycle storage and free bike hire will be available

Resource management

  • Allotments are available so residents can grow food
  • Recycling facilities available

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