Siberian Oil

Oil has been exploited in Siberia since the 1970s, with some serious impacts

Environmental impacts

The impacts of petrol development are well known; pollution, disruption of nature, and destruction of wildlife and resources. Soil pollution is largely caused by oil settling pits and broken pipelines.

Economic and social impacts

These impacts are less visible in Siberia, but include:

  • Population redistribution- the Khanty population have had to move off of their hunting grounds
  • Economic dependency- oil companies have supplied resources such as snowmobiles, which local people have become reliant upon
  • Deteriorating physical and mental health- depression and alcoholism have increased due to the loss of traditional life styles and a lack of formal employment available
  • Oil- Responsible for politicising local Khanty people. Traditional authority figures have been replaced by the rich.

Cultural impacts

  • Reassasment by local Khanty people of the importance of their homelands
  • Destruction of components of native religions including sacred places

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