Solent and Southampton uses

Southampton water land uses:


  • Dibden Bay- Natural area, recognised by RSPB. Holds an SSSI, Keyhaven nature reserve- 2000 acres. Important for birds.
  • City of Southampton- 50000 people
  • Roll on/Roll off facility- 750000 vehicles a year, holds 6000 cars, Container Facility- 200 acres, 25% of container traffic
  • Cruise Terminal- 200 cruise ships handled a year, 700000 passengers, Bulk Terminal – 28000 ton grain facility


  • Cowers (Isle of Wight), large port.
  • Thorness Bay Holiday Village
  • Calshot Activities centre- water sports centre, River Hamble- used for watersports
  • Fawley Power Station- one of the largest oil fired power stations in the UK, Exxon Mobil Oil Refinery- 3000 acres, 2000 ship movements a year. 15% of UK petrol products. Workforce of 3000
  • Fawley chemical manufacturing plant- produces a million tons of chemicals in a year, about 80% exported.


  • Large shipping facilities with leisure (water sports due to injury and land-based recreation due to spoiling the view)
  • Industry and conservation

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One thought on “Solent and Southampton uses

  1. What an interesting blog – just printing facts about areas. How important they will become in the future. Thank you for mentioning my area. My brother used to work at the Fawley chemical plant as a pipe-fitter. He had an industrial accident that he was encouraged not to report in return for a paid for holiday to Malta. Long story followed and he suffered later in life from a collagen vascular disease.

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