Thailand- Economy

2013 statistics

Currency- Thai Bhat

GDP person^-1 – US$5778.98

GCP – US$387.3 x 10^9

GNP – PPP$899.7 x 10^9

GNIperson^-1 – PPP$13,430

GDP Growth 1.8% per year

28.9% with internet access.


Tourism brings a lot of foreign money to Thailand, which much of the country’s industry is based upon.


Highest tax rate – 35%

Highest corporate tax rate – 20%

Taxes produce 16.2% of the GDP

Government spending is 24.3% of domestic output, putting the country into deficit; debt up to 50% of the GDP.

Setting up a business is easy but requires a lease.


10.4% GDP from agriculture, 37.7% from industry and 51.9% from services industries.


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