The only proper way to start off this blog is probably to explain my thinking behind it. Don’t expect all my posts to be this short and simple.

I am an AS-Level British student, and I also do MUN. Neither of which I would do if I couldn’t see how truly fascinating Earth is. As such, I tend to have a lot of geographical or political (sort-of) information. This is primarily a resource for myself such that I can both quickly find any information I have on here, and also so I can save myself the hassle of having to carry around extensive amounts of notes while at school. I’m sure at least some people reading this can sympathise with that.

I hope anyone who comes here can at least find something interesting even if they do not currently need any references for anything I have. Feel free to suggest anything you might want me to include in future updates; I wouldn’t put this online if I didn’t appreciate this could be usable by multiple people.

I think once my AS exams are over (Geography will be done on the 20/05 but I have 6 others after) I might even start loosely basing things of the daily post… if I can come up with something interesting and relevant.

(I make no apologies for typing with British-isms; I will try my best to avoid ambiguous wordings, not that there are likely to be many of those here.)


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